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Posted by Brun Amie on Thursday, 20 February, 2020 19:23:06

Chemistry Student Studies TV and Computer Display Alternatives. EWU chemistry student Nicholas Henry gained valuable research hours and STEM teaching experience in a paid fellowship at the University of Washington Clean Energy Institute.

*Eastern Washington University is a quarter based school; however, the College of Health Science and Public Health operates on a semester schedule. Student with unpaid accounts at the end of the term will be subject to collection activities and may incur additional fees associated with collecting the account.

NOTE: The personal email address associated with your account is the email address you entered in the application for admission to WGU, unless you have changed it in your profile on the student portal or asked a WGU faculty or staff member to change it for you.

EagleNET uses EWU Single Sign-On and can also be reached directly from the InsideEWU home page.

East West University (EWU) celebrated National Victory Day and paid homage and tribute to the valiant freedom fighters and millions of Martyrs, who shed their lives for making Bangladesh a free nation. The National Flag was hoisted at the University

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