How To Change Facebook Login Email

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How To Change Facebook Login Email

Posted by Brallier Adelise on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 16:12:12

If you know your current password, you can change it. If you don't know your password, you can reset it. To change your password on Facebook if you're already logged in: Keep in mind that you'll need access to the email associated with your account.

Change from Facebook login to email login. If you have initially signed up with Facebook and you would like to change it and log in with your email address instead of logging in with Facebook, please take these steps: Log in to via your Facebook and access Settings (upper right corner)

How to Change My Login Mail ID on Facebook Change Your Email ID on Facebook. Use the Settings Menu to Change Your Contact Information. Use the Contact Submenu. Add New Email Addresses. Remove Old Email Addresses. Choose a Primary Facebook Email ID. Making a Facebook Username. Use the Settings

Enter the email account that you to be your primary Facebook email address in the New Email field, and then click the blue "Add" button. A Please Re-enter Your Password dialog box appears. Re-enter

How to change the login email address? Logging In Years ago, I have created my first facebook account, but then I opened another one, which is the only account that I am using right now.

When you add an email address to your account, we'll send a confirmation email to your new email address. Tap the link in your email to confirm that you want this email added to your Facebook account.